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Rembisz & Associates (R&A) is an international consulting firm of organizational and corporate psychologists and management consultants utilizing psychological assessment and development principles to increase organizational performance through the enhancement of individual leadership and team effectiveness. We assist in executive assessment and selection, executive coaching and leadership development, team building, and in organizational development and managing change.

We are committed to helping organizations address the effects brought on by a rapidly changing, complex business environment. Organizations now recognize the practical link between bottom-line success and the effective management and development of the institution and its people. The nature and focus of our services are tailored to the unique needs and cultures of our client companies.

Rembisz & Associates has offices in Coronado, California; London, England; Brussels, Belgium; Wiesbaden, Germany; and Singapore. We are multicultural and multilingual. Clients range from large to medium size corporations in a wide variety of industries. We have worked with startup organizations as well as Fortune 50 Companies. Merger & Acquisition integration, turnarounds, globalization, and managing growth and change are specialty areas.

Experienced Leadership Training and Coaching

Across the globe and bridging the gap between cultures, Rembisz and Associates is dedicated to helping your organization overcome obstacles related to managing change and innovation in a business environment. Through leadership training and coaching, the implementation of emotional intelligence workshops, and other proven methods, our experienced team works with your organization in managing resistance to change and other challenging issues.

We'll show through an executive skills assessment, how your leadership team can better serve your organization, and establish team building exercises that bring your team together in unique environments, teaching them what it is to work together in and out of their daily activities. We stress the importance of identifying the talent you have and working with the problem areas that exist. We provide executive leadership coaching so that the help you need comes from the top and works its way through your organization, establishing healthy principles and ethics along the way.

Put our experience to work for you and read our articles for more information about how we can help.